Pellets are the solution to the energy crisis!

Energy prices have not yet peaked! 
With alternative energies you  can save a lot of money!

Who wouldn’t like to save money?

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Covid has had a significant negative impact on the energy sector, exacerbated by the current Russian-Ukrainian war. Gas and electricity prices are sky high, many have gone bankrupt or will go bankrupt because they cannot afford the current energy prices. Some have realised that with the current high prices, switching to pellets is the only way out. Pellets are nothing more than plant biomass, a compressed fuel, usually 6-12mm in size, with a shiny, smooth surface, made from 100% natural material. Its use is wide-ranging, and it is becoming increasingly common as a fuel for boilers and heating systems, including stoves. Pellets are not only an efficient source of energy, they are also cheaper and environmentally friendly.

If you are already using pellets as an energy source, feel free to contact us, we can supply significant quantities at friendly prices. If you are not yet using pellets as an energy source, but want to save money, we can help you with everything related to this. We will be happy to calculate how much you could save on your average annual consumption! Switching to pellets is easy, quick and maintenance of heating systems is significantly cheaper than any other energy source.

Why are pellets better than piped gas?
The advantages of pellet heating:

  •  no gas supplier
  •  no commitment to the gas supplier
  • There are considerable cost savings if you don’t have a gas boiler, e.g. on repair costs
  • no availability fee
  • 2kg wood pellets = approx. 1m3 gas
  • pellets are neutral as an energy source because the carbon dioxide captured during wood growth is equal to the carbon dioxide emitted when the pellets are burned, and therefore does not increase the greenhouse effect.
  • favourable pellet prices
  • You are not at the mercy of political interests


ENERIUS s.r.o.
Meštianska 3021, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia

ENERIUS s.r.o.
Meštianska 3021, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia