What is a pellet?

Although it has been in production for 30 years, wood pellets are still a relatively new and little-known environmentally friendly fuel. With these small cylinders made from sawdust, heating is convenient and automatic.

Wood pellets come in a standard size, so your automated boiler or indoor furnace fills up directly from the container and you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You only have to give in to the comfort of heating with pellets, which is like heating with wood, but pellets have better energy properties due to their low moisture content and high pressing pressure. It is made by compression from clean wood waste – sawdust and wood chips from wood processing in sawmills.

Efficient and convenient

Usually 6-8 mm in diameter and 20-30 mm in length, the standard size allows you to heat with wood in a modern and environmentally friendly way, as comfortably as if you were heating with electricity or gas. Unlike briquettes, pellets are so small that you can use a conveyor belt to feed the fuel directly into the boiler through a narrow hose. This way you can get hot without effort. 

Clean environment

Pellets also have a low ash content, which makes boiler or furnace maintenance even easier. However, the raw material used to make them must be exclusively natural and free of all harmful additives and synthetic substances. No part of it should be treated with a protective coating. This condition is respected by all recognised pellet manufacturers, but only ENplus® certification guarantees quality.

Certification means better quality, not a higher price. 77% of the world’s pellet production is ENplus® certified. Producers can be found on five continents in 46 countries.

Guarantees with certification

The ENplus® certification guarantees that pellets have a really high calorific value and efficiency during combustion. This ensures that you don’t use too much pellet to reach the desired temperature and ruin your boiler or furnace.

This certification protects everyone:

  • The customer, because it guarantees that the pellets meet strict standards
  • The seller, because it is guaranteed to offer a quality fuel
  • The pellet manufacturer, who can provide production samples from any reporting period for possible inspection
  • The boiler and furnace manufacturers, who can protect themselves in cases where the heater does not meet the required parameters or is damaged due to the use of poor quality pellets

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